Digital Masters

We take great pride in Digital Masters. After assessing current market needs, gathering all information on available face to face trainings in Digital skills in the market, interviewing expert academics & practitioners in the field and assessing the gaps; we curated and created the most up to date, practical and interactive training for digital. Drafted by academics and practitioners the program is delivered by those same experts in the field. 

If you are looking to explore the full world of Digital Marketing/Advertising this program is the perfect place for you. From understanding marketing and consumer behavior fundamentals till you become certified in implementing digital marketing and advertising. The program helps you gain the knowledge and skills you need to excel your online presences as a startup, big business or even as a creator.

Building up from the art of Content Creation & Planning, Consumer Persona , Tailoring your online message , Transforming your Marketing Objectives to Media Objectives to Online Targets, Diving into the World of Google Products & their Optimization, Facebook & Instagram for Business, Linkedin Advertising, How to use Twitter Ads and Promote on Snapchat, Amazon for Business, Media planning & budget spends, building your own website and much much more.

The program also encompasses a full day for your certification from Google in Maharat Min Google, on of our treasured programs of delivery that creates the basis for diving onto digital marketing world. In addition we will help you get certified on Google Ads (previously known as Google Adwords), Help you build your first steps to Facebook Blueprint certification and provide with a certificate of completion from LUMAS with a transcript of all completed modules