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Career Choice Summer Camp


This one week program aims to help high school students understand the different career options available in the market prior to making a choice of which college to attend. 


The program is built into 3 main stages:


Stage 1:  walking students through sessions on multiple disciplines such as:

  • Human Resource ,

  • Marketing & Advertising

  • Public Relation & communications

  • Digital Marketing & Advertising

  • B2B/B2C Sales,

  • Banking sector,

  • NGO & development sector, Digital jobs, advertising, Political fields,

  • Engineering,

  • Medicine & Pharmacy,

  • Law school 

Stage 2 : Students choose their preferred discipline  and they are taken through deeper workshops with guest speaker sessions sponsored by multiple big players within each industry, working to create a simulated environment for the students.


Stage 3: The Internship

The result is a one month internship for the most successful team in the group in the industries of choice.


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