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Maharat min Google

Partnering up with Google, Lumas works to run Maharat min Google sessions all over Egypt. The aim is to address the ever growing significance of digital skills, which has created an addressable gap in labour market skill set. Targeting students, graduates, job seekers, entrepreneurs, startups, corporate teams and stay at home mothers; the program will aim to deliver training sessions on the basic digital skill sets in areas such as

  • Digital Advertising

  • Digital Marketing

  • How to build your own website,

  • SEO & SEM optimisation

  • Building your social media presence

  • Build your brand online

  • Content writing for social

  • Answering questions with data

  • Soft skills to use in the digital world

  • The online opportunity and digital jobs

Attendees receive  a certificate of completion from Google Maharat and Lumas by the end of the training which allows them to get a head track on continuing their digital education further through Maharat online.


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