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Bridge The Gap

With an ever changing global environment, increased competition, rapid technological advances, demographic fluctuations and waves of political instability in the region; the gap in labour market skill set between what is taught in educational institutions and what the market needs (or what is called "skill mismatch") has become increasingly more apparent and significant. HR recruiters find that candidates can either be over qualified, under qualified or have qualifications that on paper do not reflect what is actually needed to run the daily tasks of the job.


The region is younger than most , with one third of the populations being below 15 years old and another third being between 15-29 years old. With such a young population, increased focus on educational systems and policies has been on the rise to help address this skill set mismatch. In a recent initiative by the IFC's “ Education for Employment”, 25% of Arab youth are listed as unemployed with 44% of those in urban cities having a university education. There has also been increased attention to the role HR professionals have to play in solving this growing market gap. There are many player involved in the potential solutions that could bring about a significant reduction in skill mismatch in the market.

LUMAS introduces BRIDGE THE GAP, as its initiative to help address the issue of labour skill mismatch within the fields of Business, Economics, Political Sciences, Digital Design, Entrepreneurship , & The Arts. BRIDGE THE GAP aims to work with multiple institutions to collectively develop a state-of-the art training program that covers broadly and in-depth realistic skill miss matches in the Egyptian labour market. 



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